📣 新冠病毒防疫重要公告:
因「新型冠狀病毒」疫情持續於全球擴大,為妥善保障來店顧客及同仁的健康,如果您是在【過去30天內返抵台灣】請讓我們知道,我們將協助您預約抵台後30天的日期。防疫工作人人有責,讓我們一起渡過這段非常時期,LUSSO Hair全體夥伴衷心感謝您多年的支持與肯定,不便之處敬請見諒。










為保障來店顧客及同仁的健康,施行新型冠狀病毒防疫措施,LUSSO Hair感謝您的配合。

Coronavirus(COVID-19) Safety & Guidelines

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, we have used both guidance from the Taiwan CDC and our own safety and sanitation measures to maintain a safe workplace for our staff, and a safe environment for our salon guests.These policies are both important to maintain safety, but also important to make sure we can continue to stay in operation and deliver services to our customers.

Masks will be mandatory before entering our salon.

Announcement :

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, if you arrived in Taiwan within the past 30 days, your entry to LUSSO Hair Salon will not be allowed. Please let us know the date of your arrival in Taiwan and we will assist you to make an appointment after 30 days of your arrival in the country.

⚠️Please wear a face mask before entering the salon.
⚠️We will take your temperature and use rubbing alcohol to disinfect your hands when you come to the salon.

Thank you for your cooperation❤️

🔸️All of our stylists and staff will be wearing face masks at all times.
🔸️All salon areas will be thoroughly disinfected both at the start and end of the day, as well as in-between each client.